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Don’t forget – you’re not in this alone. Here are a number of organisations that can help you become more sustainable, all closely aligned with the Alliance’s objectives.


It’s easy to fall back on the standard early talent recruitment assets. But how can you be more sustainable? Blackbridge Communications, one of the founders of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, is a great partner when it comes to eco-comms. Here are just a few of our thoughts on the subject.

If you can’t ditch the merch, switch the merch

It’s best not to have any merch. But if you really do need it, think before shelling out for the usual tote bags, bottles and lanyards – most students have plenty of these already. And consider logistics. For example, did you know that sea freight produces much less CO2 than air freight and is cheaper too?

Online fairs are fairer to the planet

Participation in online careers fairs can mean less merchandise and less travel. It can also mean less time out of the office, a greater turn-out of prospective candidates and more social diversity in your applications.

Put it down to experience

You can replace merchandise with other modes of advertising, such as experiential marketing. This could be a ‘sound shower’ where your candidate stands in a certain spot to hear a certain noise, music or message, possibly powered by an eco-speaker; it might also be a game, treasure hunt, product demonstration or an interactive video.

Connecting with students digitally

Group GTI helps students realise their potential, and we support employers to build their brands and hire well. We enable universities to deliver world-class careers and student services.

Our platform for employers supports digital engagement from the first year of study onwards. We work closely with universities and colleges to deliver virtual careers fairs, F2F and hybrid fairs and events, sponsored learning, employer content and opportunities.

We’re known for university and college employability ( and student sites ( &

With wide digital reach across all student groups, we’re committed to working with everyone in our eco-system to do the right thing. That includes promoting fairness, equality and diversity and taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint and ecological impact.

A holistic approach

Like many companies, RMP is on a sustainability journey. Since interviewing Laura on The Jack & Ollie Show | The Early Careers Podcast, Co-founder Ollie Sidwell is driving RMP, their products and their sustainability vision forward. “I’ve always been passionate about the environment, the natural world and the future of our planet. From a young age I loved visiting Whipsnade Wild Animal Park and was fortunate enough to go on safari for my 12th birthday; animals, nature and the beauty of our planet has stuck with me ever since”. Now an official Tiger protector for the WWF, Ollie has fundraised thousands of pounds for the charity which focuses on conservation.

“It’s often daunting and difficult to understand what or how you can make a real difference. Laura shined a light on what I and we can all do within our early careers world and she’s given me clarity and direction in terms of what I and RMP can do to genuinely make a difference to the future of our planet”.

From reducing the volume of printed products to universities and schools, to increasingly digital creative campaigns to engage with students, RMP aims to become the most sustainable early careers supplier by 2025. Having worked with the likes of Unilever, HSBC, Linklaters & PwC on creative, copywriting, microsite build and promotion of sustainable campaigns, RMP is at the forefront of a more sustainable and climate-conscious world.

“Laura & the SRA inspired me to make a genuine impact and RMP is on a mission to help early careers recruiters attract and engage with students in an increasingly sustainable way”.

Find out more about what RMP offers here and read more about RMP’s commitment to sustainability here.

Student action

Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) is a new educational charity that seeks to get more students leading on and learning for sustainability.

Building on fifty years of leading campaigns and programmes, developed by the National Union of Students (NUS UK), SOS-UK aims to harness the desire of students and young people to respond to the climate emergency and lead society to a better future.

SOS-UK works in international solidarity with student-led sustainability organisations around the globe. It is a founding partner of SOS-International.

More information about SOS-UK programmes and campaigns and be found here:

Candidates for Change

SOS-UK’s Candidates for Change written guide for students, outlining how prospective applicants and newly-employed graduates can help influence employers to do more for sustainability, from investing their pensions more ethically to paying a real living wage to all workers throughout the supply chain.

For Good

  • Students: The For Good platform connects students with organisations – helping them complete impactful, real-world research and projects. For Good is free for any student to use, supporting them to get involved via Research for Good, Projects for Good and Placements for Good.
  • Organisation membership: For Good connects you and your organisation with an international network of university and college students and recent graduates, to identify solutions to critical challenges related to environmental, economic or social sustainability. You can work with them to progress vital research questions or implement a project. By joining For Good, you are contributing to the growing field of sustainability research and work whilst helping students gain important work experience and skill development, helping them relate their studies to the biggest challenges our world is facing.

Ecologi is a platform for real climate action.

We simplify the funding of, and reporting on, carbon offset and tree planting projects around the world. Our mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.

By making climate action simple and accessible we help over 7,500 companies around the world tackle the biggest threat of our generation.

Helping you to gift sustainable branded merchandise

Branded merchandise has a bad reputation – it’s thought of as wasteful and throwaway. Meanwhile, there’s a growing urgency among employees to see companies helping to turn the tide on world issues. In fact, KPMG found that 1 in 5 will turn down a job if a company’s ESG commitments aren’t up to scratch. Social change is the new ‘business as usual.’

We believe that there’s an opportunity to change the world for the better while engaging new joiners. At Social Supermarket we connect employers and social enterprises through our e-commerce and impact Platform – making it easier for you to find and gift products with purpose. From brandable reusable water bottles that collect ocean plastic to stationery made from repurposed meadow grass or coffee grounds.

We exist to accelerate social and environmental change, so we show how your purchases are helping you to reach your ESG goals and then help you to share the good news with your team.

More information about our sustainable branded merchandise, click here.

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