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Don’t forget – you’re not in this alone. Here are a number of organisations that can help you become more sustainable, all closely aligned with the Alliance’ objectives.


It’s easy to fall back on the standard early talent recruitment assets. But how can you be more sustainable? Blackbridge Communications, one of the founders of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, is a great partner when it comes to eco-comms. Here are just a few of our thoughts on the subject.

If you can’t ditch the merch, switch the merch

It’s best not to have any merch. But if you really do need it, think before shelling out for the usual tote bags, bottles and lanyards – most students have plenty of these already. And consider logistics. For example, did you know that sea freight produces much less CO2 than air freight and is cheaper too?

Online fairs are fairer to the planet

Participation in online careers fairs can mean less merchandise and less travel. It can also mean less time out of the office, a greater turn-out of prospective candidates and more social diversity in your applications.

Put it down to experience

You can replace merchandise with other modes of advertising, such as experiential marketing. This could be a ‘sound shower’ where your candidate stands in a certain spot to hear a certain noise, music or message, possibly powered by an eco-speaker; it might also be a game, treasure hunt, product demonstration or an interactive video.


At Greenstone, we provide award-winning software solutions and services enabling organisations to advance their sustainability strategies and become responsible businesses.

Through our three enterprise level Software-as-a-Service solutions, we enable our clients to collect, manage, analyse and report the data required to fulfil their non-financial, EHS, CSR, ESG, health and safety, risk and compliance and supply chain reporting requirements.

We have been supporting organisations on their sustainability, ESG and supply chain programmes for well over a decade and now work with clients in over 100 countries worldwide, across 12 sectors.

Greenstone’s commitment to its clients is ‘data that talks to you’ and we make this central to everything we do – both in the way we develop our software and the way we support our clients.

Student action

Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) is a new educational charity that seeks to get more students leading on and learning for sustainability.

Building on fifty years of leading campaigns and programmes, developed by the National Union of Students (NUS UK), SOS-UK aims to harness the desire of students and young people to respond to the climate emergency and lead society to a better future.

SOS-UK works in international solidarity with student-led sustainability organisations around the globe. It is a founding partner of SOS-International.

More information about SOS-UK programmes and campaigns and be found here:

Plastic elimination

Sentry was set up in 2016 and we have already made great strides to remove litter from over 80 countries around the world.

We combine community action with disruptive technology to gather important data for scientific research into waste that escapes into nature.

With your help we can continue our mission to stop pollution at the source.


Streamline source, manufacture and deliver inspiring and sustainable branded merchandise for global brands. Our strategy is to remove ambiguity around the social, ethical or environmental impacts of the merchandise products that brands are using to increase audience engagement and grow their brand awareness.

We’re passionate about:

  1. Transparent ethical supply chains
  2. Reducing carbon footprint by reducing polluting shipping methods
  3. A product range with sustainability as its core value
  4. Non-reliance on Asia and utilising a global supply chain for global clients
  5. Online merchandise stores, stockholding and logistics

Every step of Streamline’s supply chain is held to Sedex accredited standards of ethics, sustainability, and transparency.

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