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These are the student volunteers who help shape our strategy by providing the 'voice of the student' to drive the progress of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance.

Millicent Wenlock – Co Chair (2024/2025)

Millicent has been passionate about sustainability for several years, stemming from a conservation trip to Borneo in 2019, where she volunteered at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. This trip inspired her to pursue a degree in environmental science. Throughout her degree, she has interacted with various recruiters, witnessing the waste of marketing and promotional practices. She felt she could use her degree knowledge, leadership, and advocacy skills gained from being a trustee at the University of Stirling Student’s Union and various other roles to reduce the environmental impact of recruitment.

Millicent hopes that her involvement as the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance’s Co-Chair will help to develop the strategic direction of the Alliance and ensure the student voice is represented.

Likhwa Maphosa – Co Chair (2024/2025)

Likhwa is a long time sustainability enthusiast driven by a passion for social impact and making the world a more equitable place for all life forms. He decided to join the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance after being enlightened on the significant negative impact that early career recruiting has on the environment, particularly promotional material, which often has no substantial impact on the firms that graduates choose post-university.

Likhwa believes that the SRA is unique in that it directly addresses an often overlooked issue and engages with the most significant stakeholders in early career recruiting – students, universities and businesses. Alongside his co-chair and the student advisory board, Likhwa hopes to build upon the progress made thus far and advance the SRA’s mission of fostering more eco-friendly approaches to early talent recruitment.

Rosie Glover – Roundtable Coordinator (2024/2025)

Having attended various legal events as a law student, Rosie realised the amount of waste incurred from the merchandise law firms were giving out to students. Upon seeing this, she became interested in the objectives of the Alliance to help promote a more efficient use of resources. She hopes that through being a roundtable coordinator she can create the conditions to encourage corporations to reflect on their current recruitment processes whilst bringing value to early talent populations.

Shree Dhar Bhatia – Roundtable Coordinator (2024/2025)

As an advocate for change, Shree Dhar has been vocal on numerous issues and concerns of society since his school days in India. He has run Sustainable Environmental Education Programs in collaboration with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and LDII for over four years. Apart from his interests in writing, policy research and public speaking, he’s actively organised and been involved in numerous mass clean-ups in India. As the Founder of Ideas of India, Shree Dhar connected 1400+ students, fostering a global community of engaged young minds.

Jinal Shah – Podcast Coordinator and Campus Representative (2024/2025)

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.” With this mantra in mind, Jinal always seeks opportunities to make an impact. She brings her expertise in communications, digital media, and content creation. She is extremely passionate about mental health advocacy; which, when coupled with her skills in social media marketing, copywriting, and campaign management will make an impact on the Alliance’s content.

Krati Basotia – Podcast and Newsletter Coordinator (2024/2025)

Krati loves to volunteer for environment causes. Whether it’s through her university or through canal clean-ups, she feels a sense of responsibility and relief to know that she is contributing to the quality of the soil, which provides us food, and air, which allows us to breathe. Starting her role as a podcast and newsletter coordinator, she looks forward to discovering creatives ways bring sustainability into her and our signatories’ lives.

Rim Bourgi – Newsletter Editor and Campus Representative (2024/2025)

Passionate about environmental advocacy and community engagement, Rim joins the Student Alliance Advisory Board with a keen eye for storytelling and a knack for social media. On the board, Rim is determined to amplify the mission of reducing emissions in early talent recruitment. Drawing inspiration from her local community’s initiatives, she sees this role as an opportunity to foster collaboration and raise awareness about sustainable practices among students and recruiters alike. By curating compelling content and forging partnerships with like-minded organizations, Rim is committed to making a tangible difference in shaping a greener future for both individuals and the planet.

Lipakshi Chhawry – Podcast Coordinator and Campus Representative (2024/2025)

Having joined the Student Advisory Board now for her second year, Lipakshi’s passion for the Alliance’s mission has only intensified. She is excited to connect with professionals from various fields and explore the creative strategies to reshape how sustainability is tackled in recruitment. Beyond this, Lipakshi is enthusiastic about bridging the gap between students and the innovative companies already committed to the Alliance’s goals.

Kirsty De Haldevang – Campus Awareness Representative (2024/2025)

Kirsty is excited to be joining the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance to help raise awareness and provide resources to the student communities about the issues surrounding sustainability within early talent recruitment. She is currently studying Global Sustainable development at the University of Warwick, and is hoping to use the skills and knowledge she has gained within the Alliance and in the future where she is keen to pursue a career in sustainability.

Megan Chien – Campus Awareness Representative (2024/2025)

Megan gained experiences in sustainability while interning in Malaysia, where she helped create and implement CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects for an organisation. This experience developed her strong interest in environmental issues as she realised that every individual possesses the potential to contribute positively to society and the environment.

Megan’s academic efforts after her internship focused on furthering her understanding of sustainability.  In her effort to influence significant changes, Megan recognised the necessities of addressing sustainability not only within corporate structures, but also within recruitment procedures. Through collaborative efforts within and beyond the Alliance, she aims to instigate substantial changes to combat contemporary environmental challenges.

Melinda Setiadi – Campus Awareness Representative (2024/2025)

Melinda’s sustainability journey began during her current study in the UK. Along with her view of the differences in implementation between the UK and other countries, she’s understood that sustainability is far more than an option; it’s essential for our collective well-being. Driven by this realisation, Melinda is determined to actively contribute to this transformation. She aims to alter the valuable lessons she’s learned from my life into meaningful actions that positively impact our communities. Discovering the Student Recruitment Alliance was a pivotal moment for her as it presented a unique platform to initiate her journey in promoting sustainable practices, particularly in recruitment. She is excited to leverage this opportunity to heighten awareness and foster a sustainable mindset within the university community.

Student Advisory Board Alumni 

More profiles coming soon!

Natasha Godsiff

After graduating from her Law degree at the University of Cambridge, Natasha Godsiff completed an internship with the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance in 2022 to help companies and universities to promote a more sustainable way of recruiting.

Natasha helped to expand the Alliance’s signatories, organise a Alliance podcast recording, and build the Student Advisory Board. Before joining the Alliance, Natasha worked with Humanitarian Affairs Asia to promote and recruit for the Green Summit, a youth climate conference at the United Nations in Bangkok. Natasha has since started her training contract at Clifford Chance, with a commitment to further the firm’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) work during her time in the Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Pro Bono and Real Estate teams. Natasha also completed a secondment with the Lifescape Project, working with the legal team on rewilding law and bringing strategic litigation to hold governments and companies to account in relation to their environmental duties. Natasha is the Founder of a gender-based violence charity Jabali, a UN Women UK Delegate, and Princess Diana Award winner 2022.

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