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Careers Services, Universities and Education Providers

Steering group

These are the volunteers who are driving the progress of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance. They have the final say on membership criteria, marketing activities and measuring the Alliance’s impact.


Laura Yeates

Sustainable Recruitment Alliance Founder

Steering Group Members

Aasha Tikoo


Aasha (she/her) is Director of Strategic Partnerships for award-winning, myGwork who are the global business community for LGBTQ+ professionals, graduates, inclusive employers, and anyone who believes in workplace equality.

She works closely with clients from Amazon to GSK, to increase visibility across the LGBTQ+ community, organise online events, promote EVPs, create content, and deliver training on allyship in the workplace, unconscious bias, rethinking diversity management, and drive current employee engagement.

Her career has spanned over 15 years, during which time she has specialised in early talent recruitment, recruitment marketing and employer branding for some of the world’s leading organistions. She has worked across multiple industries including management consultancy, broadcast, telecoms and advertising. More recently, she has spent over a decade at a leading global law firm playing a pivotal role in championing D&I initiatives in graduate recruitment, leading the firm to be repeatedly recognised as the no.1 Employer of Choice for students as a result of their continued efforts.

After working so closely with the myGwork family client-side for 6 years, and experiencing first-hand the exceptional work, impact and commitment of the team she jumped at the opportunity to join them and contribute her expertise to their efforts.

She is an alumni of Queen Mary University and lives in London with her husband and two daughters.

Tony Andrews

Blackbridge Communications

Hasina Connell

Blackbridge Communications

Joan Moore

Head of Early Talent Recruitment, Accenture

Joan has worked in the fast-paced world of recruitment for two decades, starting her career in agency recruiting before gaining valuable experience in HE as part of the careers service at Kingston University. She joined Accenture as a Senior Recruiter 12 years ago and now leads the company’s Early Talent Recruitment team in the UK; making her responsible for hiring up to 1000 apprentices, interns and graduates each year. In her time there she has driven a huge transformation in the way the firm recruits the best and most diverse talent. At the heart of this strategy has been innovation, technology and sustainability. Accenture were one of the first signatories of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance and were delighted to win the ‘The Sustainability in Early Talent Award’ at the 2023 TargetJobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards.

Student advisory board

These are the student volunteers who help shape our strategy by providing the 'voice of the student' and help drive the progress of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance.

Sanah Kashyap

Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Board

Sanah decided to get involved with the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance as she recognises that sustainability is important, the notable environmental impact of wasteful promotional and marketing practices was clear to her through her interactions with varying recruiters. Sanah regards promoting understanding through education, setting actionable goals, and including accountability throughout the process, as the means by which sustainable practices can be achieved. Through her involvement as the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance’s Co-Chair, Sanah hopes to develop the immediate and longer-term strategy of the Alliance.

Matthew Payne

Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Board

Matthew has long been passionate about sustainability. This first stemmed from being elected as a Sustainability Captain for his secondary school, helping it to achieve the Green Flag Award. Throughout sixth form and now, whilst at university pursuing a career in corporate law, Matthew advocates for the need to be sustainable. He has been interested in the development of the Alliance and believes that it is at the unique intersection of business, education, and the environment. Having experienced first-hand the unsustainable nature of early talent recruiting and as a passionate advocate for the voice of young people, Matthew wants to ensure that the Alliance uses its unique position to educate the business-people of today and tomorrow, whilst making rapid and impactful progress to climate change. Matthew brings his array of leadership, advocacy and change-making expertise gained from his roles as a Charity Trustee and NHS Youth Board Member to represent and guide the Alliance, along with his Co-Chairs.

Zainab Adetunbi Yinyinola

Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Board

Having realised the adverse impact of our actions on the well-being of other generations, Zainab is keen to enlighten more people and ensure that actions are put to words. She is also committed to ensuring that businesses are rewriting the narrative and letting go of old recruitment traditions.

Emma Berwick

Podcast Coordinator

Emma decided to get the involved with the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance because she wanted to learn more about the impact of recruitment and hopefully encourage and influence wider change.

Joshua Handover

Student Awareness Coordinator

With a strong passion for sustainability and a desire to make a difference, Joshua decided to join the SRA to spread awareness on the issues facing our planet. As a watersport enthusiast, he has witnessed first-hand the effects of waste on our water systems, and is driven to ensure that a positive change is made for the benefit of everyone and the planet. Through his involvement, he hopes to get the message out to both companies and students, and is keen to assist in finding greener ways of engaging candidates without reducing the quality of the relationship formed.

Aditi Rao Kayarthaya

New Signatory Onboarding Coordinator

Aditi hopes to spread awareness about sustainability by reflecting on her culture, which has taught her to make the best use of resources. She found inspiration from her grandmother, who finds creative ways to upcycle older clothes and make beautiful rugs and outfits. She has seen first-hand the amount of wastage produced during events, through her previous experience with organising events. She believes, the wastage can be easily avoided by thinking about our current processes, and identifying where the problems lie. Aditi resonates with the grassroots-level approach taken up by the Alliance and she finds the methodical and data-driven strategy to be a great tool to pinpoint exactly where the problem is, and find a solution to help reinvent the processes. Aditi believes that virtual recruitment events can potentially help connect big firms and recruiters with a more diverse pool of candidates. She wants to focus on the intersectional aspects of sustainability with diversity, and hopes to make recruitment events more accessible for students.

Khushbu Hiranandani

Roundtable Coordinator

She wanted to get involved with the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance because it gave her the responsibility to create impact. She wanted to create impact as sustainability has a direct and long-term impact on the future.

Lipakshi Chhawry

New Employer Signatory Coordinator

Lipakshi aims to use her membership of the advisory board to increase student awareness of ESG issues around campus and to lead the discussion around sustainable recruitment. She hopes to use her previous learnings from ESG panel discussions and carbon footprint reduction projects to foster a culture of mindful resource usage among students and recruiters.

Kylie Chong

Social Media Coordinator

Kylie decided to get involved with the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance for two main reasons. Firstly, because she cares about her future and the future of succeeding generations, and believes that we all have a role in maintaining sustainable practices to preserve our quality of life. Second, Kylie also decided to get involved with the Alliance because she is an avid mental health advocate and believes that sustainability and mental health are highly interconnected, and that it doesn’t make sense to work towards exclusively one or the other. Kylie hopes to spark meaningful conversations with both recruiters and students about how we all stand to benefit in driving practical, sustainable change.

Sanjana Sethi

Social Media Coordinator

Sanjana decided to get involved with the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance because she saw the organisation’s potential to tap into an extraordinary sphere within the corporate world. She has long been passionate about sustainable initiatives. As Regional Head of REUSE Orbis, an international E-Waste Collection Organisation, and as Founder of the Safe Girl NGO in her hometown, she organised E-waste collection and awareness drives, collecting over 200 pounds of E-waste. She is passionate about contributing to the SRA’s vision and its future as she understands both the importance and the challenges that arise with pioneering into an area that has a unique impact on a large group of people. She hopes to grow the SRA’s reach and impact through collaboration, dedication, and passion!

Ananya Basu-Kaul

New Careers Advisory Service Coordinator

Ananya spent a year working at a diversity & inclusion charity that organised a number of recruiting events with leading financial institutions. Upon seeing first-hand that large recruiting budgets were often spent on merchandise and swag that students might discard within the next few weeks if not days, she became interested in the work the SRA does in helping corporations be more intentional about attracting early career talent in a much more eco-friendly manner!

Kieran McBride

New Employer Signatory Coordinator

Kieran chose to join the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance after observing the volume of wasted material at different recruitment events, whether that was at law firms or his own university. After being heavily involved and working at Open Days as an undergraduate, he recognised the need for change and saw the Alliance as a great opportunity to act upon this on a larger scale.